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Mastermind Professional, International Business Mentor, Trainer, Author & Speaker

I am on a Mission to support at least 10K Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to help them grow their income & impact …through my Trainings, Mentoring and Masterminds

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If I Could Do It, You Can Too

I Wasn’t Supposed to Be Here

Born in a large, lower income family in Mumbai, I was neither the brightest, nor the prettiest of the 5 kids. Today, I am a Certified Mastermind Professional, International Business Mentor, Trainer, Author & Speaker.

I’m on a Mission to support at least 10,000 Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, who are driven not only by Income, but also by Impact. To help them grow personally, professionally & financially. With over 2 decades of Corporate and Business Experience, I am positive that authentic Heart Centered Leadership can create great results & leaders.

I am a Certified Mastermind Professional, an international Business Trainer, Mentor, Author & Speaker. I’ve been a Business Mentor with Google & Sheroes’ Accelerator for Rural Women Entrepreneurs of India & I’ve served people from over 17 countries.

But I’ve only begun…

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Does This

Sound Like You?

Are you frustrated by the fact that it seems like you might not be able to create a long term impact and legacy as a leader?

Are you worried it’ll cost your personal life and take working 36 hours a day until you can figure out how to finally achieve financial freedom?

Are you discouraged by the fact that you don’t have a crazy advertising budget to help increase your income?

Are you struggling to defeat uncertainty and fear of failure?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are in the right place!

Join Our Movement and

Become The Next
Heart Centered Leader

We are Transformational Heart Centered Leaders, who are driven
not only by income, but also by impact. We aren’t afraid to work on
our own exponential growth and we do not hesitate to support
others on theirs.

Together, we are committed to positively impact a hundred million
people, to make this world a better place.

It’s time to make an
It’s time to create a
Now or Never

Let’s See The Differences Between

Heart-Centered Leaders vs.
Other Entrepreneurs

Heart-Centered Leaders

Confidence & Clarity

Peace of Mind & Self Discipline

Consistent Income & Work-life balance

Creating Long-Term Impact and Legacy, as a Leader

Company of Like-Minded Supportive Individuals

Other Entrepreneurs


Fear of Failure & Uncertainty

Financial Stress

Work Pressure


Join the movement

Let’s Create an Impact


Heart Leaders in our
Movement with more
joining every day


People from over 17
countries are supported
so far


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Masterminds & HotSeat
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pilotfrom our amazing

You Can Finally

Put These Behind You

Listening to everyone around you who tells you, how you’re not good enough, not smart enough, not educated enough or anything like that.

Trading your time for money, because your family craves for you.

Demonizing your desire to grow your income and impact.

Playing a small average role in your life.

Don’t Just

Take My Word For It

Check out what some of our clients – just like You –
are saying after trying my services!

“Rupa is an outstanding mentor.”

Rupa is an outstanding mentor! She doesn’t just help to uncover my own answers for the obstacles I am facing but shares her super-useful, pragmatic ideas on how to turn vision into next steps.

I can only highly recommend her!

Inspire Yogesh


Thank you Rupa!

Hey Rupa Thank you soooo..much for guiding, supporting and directing me always. I have been learning so much along with the journey I started with you as my coach. I have been fortunate to be a part of Transformational Heart Leaders. Learning and growing with the heart leaders has been so helpful. It’s the only group where I enjoy to be a part of.

Your 30 days video challenge has actually prepared me so strong to face camera with No fears. Today and I can feel the ease to shoot videos. Thank you ❤🙏

Karuna Sapkale


“Working with her has made me learn and achieve more.”

Rupa has been an exceptionally Mentor! She simplifies the learning process and makes it so interesting. Working with her has made me learn and achieve more. I like her energy level and Rupa over-deliver value always.

I would recommend her to anyone who is determined to learn.

Idara Emma Udoh

Business Coach, Network Marketer and Author

I wish I could give 6 Stars

The mentorship here is excellent. It was very conversational yet, packed with information. She spent some time to actually get to know me and my business. She complements were appropriate and challenges where necessary. Then at the end she gives a 24 hour challenge to do SOMETHING in my business (which is very logical). Do simple things every day and those can compound into a successful business.

So, there is the classic question: given the chance, would I recommend this to someone looking for this kind of assistance in building a business….? Most definitely YES!!!

Paul K. Sulkowski


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